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    Ling - Ling is bound and gagged with handkerchiefs then left to struggle! Yui - Yui is hogtied and left on her bed. She is gagged (on screen) with a large ball gag! Yui is attacked while sleeping. She is bound and gagged (on screen). Even though she puts up no resistance her robber then returns to hogtie her and gag her with a large ball gag. After fondling her he finally leave her to await rescue. Oum - Oum's first time being bound, gagged and left alone. She is supposed to be getting robbed, but her enjoyment shines through. After I let her go she asks me to tie her up again ! Oum invites you to bind and ball gags her. This was Oum's first ball gag (on screen gagging) and she loves it. She even enjoyed the exposing and fondling of her breasts! Oum is bound and ball gagged in a chair. This is a girl that loves bondage. She really enjoyed escaping (on screen)! Tip - Tip is bound and cleave gagged on the sofa then left helplessly to struggle by a burglar! Tip is bound and gagged with a handkerchief. (On screen gagging) She is later hogtied and left to struggle. She is exposed and fondled and loves it! Tip is bound, ball gagged and toe tied to a chair by me for not doing as I told her to do for punishment. I decided to go ahead and photograph while she was being punished. I left her for an hour or so after I was done! After I let her go from the above punishment, she hopped up onto the bed and begged me to bind her again with some cuffs and a bit gag. She doesn't think that I know that she is bad because she loves bondage and wants me to punish her. Watch her struggle cuffed in a hog tie! This time when I told Tip to go sit in the chair, she was very obedient. She even suggested the tie and the pink ball gag! Tip is hog tied and ball gagged!



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